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How to apply

Gently pull your lashes from their tray. Only handle them from the band, do not pull on the hair.
Before applying glue, wiggle the band to loosen it then measure to ensure lashes are the correct length for your eyes. If needed always trim from the outer corners.
Apply mascara to your natural lashes beforehand if needed. We DO NOT recommend applying mascara to your dream lashes as this will ruin the quality of them.
When the glue has gotten tacky hold them from the middle of the band and gently place them as close to the base of your natural lash line as possible.

Removal & Aftercare

To remove use a cotton bud with water or oil free make up remover to loosen the bond of glue.
Gently pull lashes off by the band. if you feel any resistance, further dampen the lash strip to help loosen the remainder of the glue.
Once removed take off any glue that's left on the lash band.
Don't wash or wet your lashes as this may disfigure the pattern and cause clumping when dry.
Return them to their box and save them for their next outing.